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Welcome to the SilverStripe Developer Documentation. This website is aimed at website developers looking to learn how to build and manage web applications with the SilverStripe Framework.


Getting Started with SilverStripe

Before you start developing your first web application, you'll need to install the latest version of SilverStripe onto a web server. The Abbille OEM supplied Popular light green women sleeveless strap lady fashion dress Cheap Discounts Free Shipping Get To Buy XNKoKWFIu
section will show you what server requirements you will need to meet and how to Womens Scout Ws Skateboarding Shoe Grey Navy Etnies Clearance Exclusive EfMla9dBv

To check out the features that SilverStripe offers without installing it, read the Feature Overview and play with the interactive demo website .

SilverStripe has an wide range of options for getting support:

Once you have completed the Getting Started guide and have got SilverStripe installed and running, the following Tutorials will lead through the basics and core concepts of SilverStripe.

Make sure you know the basic concepts of PHP5 before attempting to follow the tutorials. If you have not programmed with PHP5 be sure to read the Footlocker Cheap Price Affordable 6188 Guangzhou bridesmaid dress with DIY bandage dresses Countdown Package Online Free Shipping Classic Sale Sast Wj3AATow

The Developer Guides contain more detailed documentation on certain SilverStripe topics, 'how to' examples and reference documentation.

Learn how SilverStripe manages database tables, ways to query your database and how to publish data.

This guide showcases the SilverStripe template engine and learn how to build your own themes.

Controllers form the backbone of your SilverStripe application. They handle routing URLs to your templates.

Capture user information through Forms. This guide will work through how to create SilverStripe forms, adding and modifying fields and how to handle form submissions.

SilverStripe provides several ways to store and modify your application settings. Learn about site wide settings and the YAML based configuration system.

Understand the ways to modify the built-in functionality through Extensions, Subclassing and Dependency Injection.

Deploy robust applications by bundling Unit and Behavior tests with your application code and modules.

Learn how to identify errors in your application and best practice for logging application errors.

Make your applications faster by learning how to write more scalable code and ways to cache your important information.

This guide covers user authentication, the permission system and how to secure your code against malicious behaviors

Send HTML and plain text email from your SilverStripe application.

Integrate other web services within your application or make your SilverStripe data available.

On Thursday, June 14, Deadspin received an intriguing email. (We can be reached at [email protected], or through our AOKANG 2018 sandals high heels sweet female kid suede Free Shipping Popular From China Cheap Online OJCOpzLTPk
for extra security.) The tipster wrote that he was in the San Francisco airport, waiting for a flight to Tampa, Fla., seated two seats away “from some ordinary looking middle aged white guy named Steve.” This Steve, the tipster wrote, was placing several calls about a doping test, including one, the tipster believed, directly to Serena Williams. (“He just left a VM, but he specifically said ‘hey Serena it’s Steve.’”) The tipster expanded on what he heard:

On a prior call, where he was discussing how to handle it with someone, he sounded pretty concerned about a PED test. It sounds like there was a surprise test that was not expected and the team was trying to make issues about it violating protocol. Something to the effect they came through a gate on property (that some assistant was not supposed to open) and once allowed in, would not leave until the test was completed.

I sent the tipster a photo of Steve Simon, and one of COOLSA Winter Fur Wool Nonslip Solid Rubber Soles Fleece Authentic 3IMAOTT
, a lawyer who represents professional athletes in various disputes. The tipster then identified “Steve”—both by his photo and his voice—as Steve Simon. This made sense: The tipster said Simon was sitting in first class on the flight to Tampa Bay, Fla., and WTA headquarters are in St. Petersburg, Fla.

I called Simon, who confirmed that he had been traveling through San Francisco from to Florida on the date in question, and that he had placed calls to both Williams and Tygart, about the USADA test mission from the airport.

The information, once confirmed, seemed eminently newsworthy: The best tennis player of all time was calling the CEO of the WTA to complain about a drug test. But Simon dismissed it, saying many players reach out to him about drug tests. Even if that’s true, what of the complaint itself? Is Williams being targeted?

About a week before the French Open last month, Williams—who returned to tennis at the Fed Cup in February, six months after giving birth to her daughter in September—tweeted that she had been drug tested twice in one week.

(Williams did not specify whether it was USADA and/or the ITF, which test separately but both adhere to the World Anti-Doping Agency standards, that had tested her. The ITF said in an email that it does not discuss individuals or individual tests.)

Simon said the WTA does not interfere in the drug testing process in any way. “We can’t impede upon the integrity of the program,” he said.

According to the USADA website, athletes may be required to provide what’s called “ 2018 New Online Pay With Visa Sale Online POADISFOO Through Sandals 2018 Summer Thin Super High Heel Clearance Enjoy Z6R4h1V
.” This means that every day of the year, athletes give the USADA a 60-minute availability window during which an officer can show up and administer drug tests. If the athlete is not available during that window, or if they fail to file their whereabouts information, it is a whereabouts failure. According to USADA, if an athlete accrues three whereabouts-related failures in a 12-month span, it counts as a doping rule violation. However, the USADA also has the “ability to test athletes without any advance notice in an out-of-competition setting.” If an athlete is not available during these tests, Horn said, there is no whereabouts failure.